Sadly the VMD regard any mention of drugs and helpful information on dose rates is advertising. Biotope clients please contact the office if for some reason you have lost your Treatment Manual, others I’m afraid you are on your own, please feel free to express displeasure to the VMD.

Much of the information needed can be obtained from the NOAH Website

Optimum protection at hand vaccination

After trialing various options with Dr.Chris Gould of Intervet Schering Plough we decided on recommending the use of the 'rabbit ear' Fishguard protectors for the KayCee syringe, combined with a 3mm neoprene glove covering 'Turtle Skin Insider' gloves. This may seem excessive but the 'cure' appears worse than the 'disease' when it comes to treatment of accidental self injection.
See the Useful info page for info on self injection and correct vaccination methods.

Mixing techniques

When mixing drugs with fish food, rubber gloves should be worn to avoid the possibility of skin reactions and a respirator which at least complies with European Standard EN149, FFP2 to avoid inhalation of any dust particles.

Sample calculations

Useful calculations for dosing
As a general rule fish will be medicated by mixing antibiotics with food.

The fish will be given approximately 1% of their body weight per day as medicated food, then any additional food is given unmedicated.
Occasionally the food rate will be different, but for general purposes the 1% level is standard. Very sick fish may be off food and only eat a lower percentage feed, but if a low percentage is used too early it is possible that the healthier fish will take more of the treatment and reduce the efficacy in sicker fish.

Method of calculation
eg. oofledust (VMD approved name) @ 75mg/kg fish /day

50kg fish at a 1% feed rate require 500g food /day. ie 5kg food for 10 days

which requires 75 x 50 x 10 mg oofledust = 37g oofledust

In this instance the name oofledust is used as nab example, if anyone is aware of a licensed antibacterial of this name please advise Biotope and we will come up with another stupid name which the VMD won’t object to!

Mechanism for veterinary prescribing

Basically the flow is:
Decide on the appropriate drug – sensitivity, availability, etc
Eg. 100% oxolinic acid, or oxytetracycline
Is it licensed for the species and condition (pretty amazing if it is?) or used under the prescribing Cascade, or even worse is use only permitted following application for an SIC.

Work out the amount needed for treatment
Dose rate FOR EXAMPLE -10mg of oxolinic acid per kg fish/day for 10 days
For a 1% feed rate add 25g / 25kg bag to achieve 1g per kg of food
Current withdrawal period: up to 600 degree days

If a product is perhaps a 50% premix then this calculation of the active requirement then needs to be doubled.

Farms are not permitted to hold stocks so we always make these calculations and supply what is needed (although most now actually make the calculation themselves)

We can fill prescriptions for non-client farms written by their veterinary surgeons ONLY for UK licensed products. If using products licensed elsewhere your vet will need to find the drug manufacturer and import on an SIC or STC.

For small farms this will sadly cause problems because manufacturers will generally only supply in large amounts, often more than you need.

INFO FOR VETS Before prescribing:
Two options
Mix at the mill – minimum 1 tonne of feed, up to a 2 wk wait
Home mix - You
Must have checked that the farm has an authorization for mixing on site from thew VMD Animal Medicines Inspectorate. They issue a site registration number. This is site specific, normally can only mix for that site and others under same ownership AND management.

Discuss with them but other site may require separate registration.

YOU ISSUE a prescription to obtain drug, or supply it – SENT TO BIOTOPE

You have an obligation then to keep full records for traceability, as must the farmer who must keep the product in a locked store, plus full records for mixing.

As a fallback plan at least a 500deg day withdrawal period (check with us for the current one for each product).

Vaccine strategies

A new VMD approved graphic will go up!